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Just Plane Interesting - Antiques, Curios & Collectables

Just Plane Interesting's shop is located in the idyllic setting of the vineyards on the Henderson/Oratia border. It has a great selection of antique furniture, stunning lighting pieces, nostalgic treasures and more, the original flagship shop down the driveway in the vineyards at 99 Parrs Cross Rd is still full-to-the-brim with interesting and beautiful items from the past.

*Please note: We have relocated our second store into our first. To make your visit even more fascinating with a raft of things to astound you.

We have a constant stream of 'new' items arriving everyday from the amazing to the bizarre. 'Drop in' to be stunned by our astounding range, you won't be disappointed. And please don't forget to check out our current TradeMe listings (Subject to availability.)The range is as varied as our shop stock and no-doubt there is something of interest there for everyone.

We have fresh stock arriving every day. We have two storage facilities with many things waiting to come into the shop, so do not be shy to ask if you do not see what you require as it might be just around the corner from arriving after you've left.

We are on-going hire agents for movies, TV shoots, etc. Inquire for your needs.

Please feel free to telephone 09 836 1092 for a fast result to your enquiries.